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Ernest Rossiello Law – Civil Trial Lawyer

A Trusted Attorney in Chicago, IL for Over 35 Years!

Chicago Attorney for over 35 yrsA successful trial lawyer for more than 35 years, Ernest T. Rossiello has tried to judgment about 100 civil jury trials and has handled thousands of civil cases mostly for the average wage earner. These include more than 65 appeals and five cases in the Supreme Court of the United States. One of which is a leading gender discrimination and sexual harassment suit for the aggrieved employee. I fight for the little guy!

The firm's philosophy is to make the legal system accessible to those without the necessary funds to afford the services of a competent lawyer. Cases are taken on contingency fee, which means that the firm derives a percentage of the recovery if one is obtained. If there is no financial recovery, there usually is no fee. No advance or pre-payment of legal fees is usually required.

After many years of experience, I have limited my practice to those areas where I have achieved success.

Please call today to determine whether I can take your case.

Successful Civil Trial Lawyer Helping with Personal Injury Cases, Employment & Labor Cases, Discrimination Cases, and Liability Cases

Kubistzal–Smith v. Suburban General Contractors
(Cook County – Chicago Illinois)

$3,000,000.00 judgment for 53 year old part–time domestic house keeper run over by dump truck in intersection and dragged 50 feet on her bicycle. Plaintiff sustained multiple pelvic fractures and internal injuries to bowel. Read More »

Pickett v. Sheridan Health Care
(7th Circuit Court in the Chicago Loop)

$150,000.00 judgment, including punitive damages and back pay, plus prejudgment interest and reinstatement to her former position. Mr. Rossiello also collected attorney’s fees for a 28 year old female nursing home employee who was sexually harassed by a resident, then fired for complaining about it. Read More »