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Successful Lawyer Cases & Testimonials

Injury, Employment, Discrimination and Liability Civil Trials Taken on Contingency by our Law Firm

Barron v. Verdin
No. 2014 L 6480 (Cook Co., Illinois, August 30, 2016)

Mr. Rossiello obtained a judgment of $70,000.00. Plaintiff was standing in traffic waiting for a light to turn green, when she was rear-ended by defendant. Plaintiff claimed the collision caused a torn rotator-cuff injury. Defendant claimed the impact was too slight to cause the rotator cuff injury. State Farm Insurance Company admitted that plaintiff had a rotator cuff injury, but denied causation. State Farm offered $12,488.00 to settle before trial. The jury returned a verdict of $70,000.00. Mr. Rossiello tried the case. No appeals were taken and State Farm paid within 30 days.

George Ferguson v. City of Chicago
Court No. 2013 CV 4084 (N.D. Illinois, June 24, 2016)

Mr. Rossiello obtained a judgment of $863,000.00 for emotional suffering alone, plus back pay, front pay, attorney’s fees, and court costs.

Plaintiff, born with muscular dystrophy, had been employed by the City as a watchman for over 18 years with no accommodation. As a watchman, he usually sat in a booth checking identification of persons entering a city parking lot. In early 2012, during a department restructuring, Plaintiff’s job duties changed and, for the first time, he was required to drive. He was able to drive but needed a lower lying vehicle to get into easier. The city ignored his request for a lower vehicle; and, instead, provided a large, high Ford Econoline which he could climb into with the help of something to stand on. On September 23, 2012 there was nothing to stand on and he fell backwards. His bosses had him taken to a city doctor for a “fit for duty” examination. The city doctor asked him to do jumping jacks, squat and rise from a prone and supine position. He could do none of these activities and was found not fit for duty. He asked the City for a reasonable accommodation, namely, a lower lying vehicle which was easy for him to get into. His request was denied and never acted upon. The City then forced him on medical leave without pay. He lost his his house, and his condition deteriorated as a result of inactivity for nearly four years. The jury was out about two hours before they reached a verdict of $863,000.00 for damages. Mr. Rossiello tried the case and wholly discredited the City’s arguments and witnesses.

Rose DeLeonardis v. Star Events, Inc.
No. 2014 L 9091 (Cook Co., Illinois, May 22, 2016)

Mr. Rossiello obtained a judgment of $250,000.00 for an 86 year old, unemployed woman knocked down by high school cross-country running team running through a street festival in the Little Italy Section of Chicago. Injuries included fractured pelvis and wrist, but with excellent recovery. Case was settled shortly before jury selection was to begin. Mr. Rossiello handled the case.

Cook Count Court HouseKubistzal–Smith v. Suburban General Contractors
(Cook County, Illinois 2011)

$3,000,000.00 judgment for a 53 year old part–time domestic house keeper run over by a dump truck in an intersection and dragged 50 feet on her bicycle. Plaintiff sustained multiple pelvic fractures and internal injuries to her bowel.

Pickett v. Sheridan Health Care
610 F.3rd 434 (7th Circuit Court 2010)

Mr. Rossiello obtained a judgment of $150,000.00, including punitive damages plus back pay, prejudgment interest and reinstatement to her former position plus attorney’s fees, for a 28 year old female nursing home employee who was sexually harassed by a resident, then fired for complaining about it.

Johnson v. GDF, Inc. d/b/a Domino's Pizza
Docket No. 2007C3996 (USDC, N.D. Illinois, Oct. 21, 2009)

Mr. Rossiello obtained a judgment, including punitive damages and lost wages, plus attorney’s fees, for an employee pizza maker who was fired for filing a claim for overtime wages against the employer who paid him in cash “off the schedule”.

Kimberly Davis v. Electrical Insurance Trustees
Docket No. 2006C5319 (USDC, N.D. Illinois, July 22, 2008)

Mr. Rossiello obtained a favorable judgment of $450,000.00, including punitive damages, prejudgment interest and back pay, plus attorney’s fees, for a 28 year old female employee who was maliciously discharged from her position as a bookkeeper in retaliation for filing a charge of race discrimination against her employer.

$350,000.00 Settlement
(Cook County, Illinois Oct. 2007)

$350,000.00 settlement for a 30 year old woman case worker fired by a private care giver for foster parents after she reported abuse and neglect by foster parents of one of her charges. This case was brought under the new Illinois Whistleblower Act. Attorney’s fees and court costs were paid out of the settlement and additional fees were paid by the employer.

Gavel Justice Chicago

$100,000.00 out of Court Settlement
(Cook County, Illinois 2005)

$100,000.00 out of court settlement for an 82 year old nursing home resident with macular degeneration who slipped and fell in the bathroom while being bathed by a nurse's aide. Injury consisted of a broken leg.

Dawn Mercado v. Midwest Computer, Inc.
Docket No. 99C1240 (USDC, N.D. Illinois, May 5, 2000)

Mr. Rossiello obtained a judgment of $454,000.00, plus payment of attorney’s fees for a female employee who was fired after complaining of a sexually offensive email sent to her by a supervisor.

Burlington Industries, Inc. v. Ellerth
524 U.S. 742 (1998)

Mr. Rossiello argued and won this sexual harassment case in the Supreme Court of the United States establishing the rule of law that an employer is strictly liable to the employee when the employee is sexually harassed by her manager, or his or her higher manager, and the harassment culminates in a tangible employment action, such as termination from employment, demotion, reduction in wages, transfer or demotion to a position of lesser responsibilities or denial of a promotion or some economic benefit otherwise entitled to.

Karen Emmel v. Hondo, Inc. d/b/a Coca-Cola Bottling Co.
95 F.3rd 627 (7th Circuit Court 1996)

Mr. Rossiello obtained a judgment of over $500,000.00 in punitive damages, plus attorney’s fees and court costs, in favor of an employee who complained that she was being discriminatively denied promotions because she was a woman. This is one of the leading promotion cases on record in this judicial circuit.

Dunning v. American Airlines d/b/a Simmons Airlines
62 F.3rd 863 (7th Circuit Court 1995)

Mr. Rossiello obtained a judgment of over $100,000.00 in favor of an employee (baggage handler) who was sexually harassed, then fired in retaliation for complaining about it. The judgment included attorney’s fees and court costs taxed to the employer.

Cook Count Court HouseAlfonso Avitia v. The Metropolitan Club of Chicago
49 F.3rd 1219 (7th Circuit 1995)

Mr. Rossiello argued and obtained a judgment of over $100,000.00 for six employees who were fired from an exclusive private club for demanding their right to overtime wages. In addition to the judgment for the employees, the Federal District Court awarded him over $400,000.00 in attorney's fees and court costs.

Soto v. Adams Elevator Equipment Co.
941 F.2nd 543 (7th Circuit Court 1991)

Mr. Rossiello obtained a favorable judgment of over $150,000.00, including punitive damages, for a female employee who was fired for asking to receive wages equal to those a male employee was receiving for performing similar work. In addition to the verdict, the employer was ordered to pay him attorney’s fees for his time in the case.

John Matthews v. Ernst Russ Steamship Co.
603 F.2nd 676 (7th Circuit Court 1979)

Mr. Rossiello obtained a $180,000.00 judgment for a 68 year old, intermittently employed, longshoreman who fell off a ship’s ladder and sustained a fractured os calsis (heel bone) aboard a German ship moored at Navy Pier in Chicago. The United States Court of Appeals affirmed the verdict and judgment, and the Supreme Court of the United States refused to overturn the verdict.

Booker Clemons v. Mitsui O.S.K. Lines
(U.S.D.C. 1978)

Mr. Rossiello obtained a $322,000.00 judgment for a 64 year old longshoreman who fell into an open hatch in the hold of a Japanese ship moored at the Port of Chicago. The employee had sustained brain damage and a severe cervical spine injury.